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Mark Kaufmann

Mark Kaufmann, a Canadian born artist, researcher and lecturer has lived in Singapore for a number of years. Prior to this he worked extensively in the commercial film industry in Hong Kong. Mark's most recent work, Image-Time-Machine, featured in the group exhibition Pop Puri Singapura held at the Espalande, Singapore from November 2005 - January 2006, consisted of a polygonal house made from metal or wood vintage building materials that he had accumulated over the years from demolition sites in Singapore. Peering into the house, visitors were able to view a selection of real time video being fed by a network of video cameras placed around the city. The ability to take a snapshot of this contributed to the quirky house becoming a visual archive of changing Singapore.

Botak Boy Dreams - recycled materials

Auto Gyro - recycled materials

Mirror - recycled materials

Mix Hex - recycled materials

Rusty Circle - recycled materials

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