(Singapore Affective Disorder)
This is an archive page for most of the S.A.D. activities that took place between April 2005 and September 2006. No future events for S.A.D. are anticipated however some of the ideas it contained have now been incorporated into a new project called Coasters "Bar and Lounge'. Please refer to our company website - www.little-red-dots.com - for details about that and other projects.

A brief note about S.A.D. and the Singapore gay scene circa 2005 - 2006
S.A.D. came about as a reaction to a very unspiring gay scene in Singapore in early 2005. A bar called Happy had recently opened and had become the centre of the scene, attracting very large crowds, despite the fact that the staff were incredibly rude and that the drinks were a rip off. Since there was virtually no competition however, it was perhaps little surprise that so many flocked to this new and 'sexy' venue.

S.A.D. was never meant to be competition for Happy, it was simply a proposition for an alternative to the homogenous scene as a whole. Happy, being the happening place at that time, was destined to be a natural counterpoint. In December 2006, after two years of business, Happy closed down. Rumour has it that people had got tired of the rude staff and the rip off drinks and left in the same way that they had first arrived - in droves.

On reflection, however much we disliked Happy and everything it stood for, it was representitive of a zeitgeist. Happy was brash, loud and full of the worst sort of attitude but these ironically are the things that also made it stand out. Having something like this to rally against is important and we must thank it for being there and for being the beast that it was, for without it we would never have created S.A.D., it's miserable, snivelling, insignificant, quirky and beautiful little cousin.

Thanks Happy, we will miss you ... kind of like we would me a bad dose of the clap (the clap being slang for gonorrhea):)

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