About Us

Little Red Dots (LRD) is an art/design partnership/project established in Singapore in 2004 by Nathaniel Walters, Nick Charnley and Mickey Koh. Since 2010 activities have been divided between London and Singapore.

The name Little Red Dots derives from the fact that Singapore is often referred to locally as the Little Red Dot. Whilst this is now looked upon in the country in a fairly positive light, back in 2004 this was not necessarily the case - see here for an explanation. Adopting and pluralising the moniker therefore was a strategy purposefully designed to flip these negative connotations. It could be argued therefore that the work Little Red Dots did in Singapore, which includes collaborating extensively with the Singapore Design Council, played a significant part in this reversal of attitudes.

Whilst LRD's work is relatively diverse with each member largely pursuing there own agenda, a common theme might be that of narrative whereby stories are teased out, or indeed created, relating people, places and things. Nick's work in this regard often manifests itself in the form of installations specifically designed to seduce the visitor into micro-worlds where boundaries are explored and tested, and alternative realities suggested and proposed. Nathaniel's work on the other hand is increasingly documentary orientated focusing on people's everyday lives both ordinary and extra-ordinary.

Little Red Dots also undertakes commercial work most notably corporate video work as well as more general design related work. Examples of these are for the most part not shown on the website although a range of furniture related pieces, largely developed in Singapore, can be found in the Objects & Projects section.