The wood in this block is 100% recycled - twice. It's made entirely of scraps from the Little Red Dots workshop, which were originally recycled from various sources including the beach, RJ Paper (a local company dedicated to recycled/renewable papers), antique floorboards and industrial estates. Included in every Block are woods from Europe, the Americas and Asia, perhaps other continents as well. The wood comes from packing crates, old ships and condemned houses. It ranges from antique hardwood to young softwood. Every block is hand built and completely unique.

Despite a heavy appearance, the Block is hollow and deceptively light. It's 12" x 12" x 15" and can rest on any side. In our studio, they serve as stools, exhibition plinths, shelf pylons and a dining table for our cat.

The Block is filled and sealed with an eco-certified varnish to a durable, water & stain resistant finish.

designed and made by Nathaniel Walters