Saint Etienne International Design Biennale 2008

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Created specially for the St Etienne International Design Biennale EURO Platform consisted of 12 EURO pallets loaned from a local supplier near to St Etienne. The slats of the pallets were covered with strips of Tarkett vinyl flooring offcuts salvaged during setup from another installation. Simple seating/table components were made from offcuts from the Eco Lab exhibition (also at the Biennale) and were also finished off with Tarkett vinyl floor offcuts. The platform was accompanied by Little Red Dots other work Hanami and Stool.

Participation in the Biennale was made possible with support from DesignSingapore Council

Special thanks for help and support: Thomas Shnur, Stefan Nosco, Pauline Dorson, Noemie Dorson, Patricia Boguet, Khansae and Younes Duret