Kuo Chuan lifestyles

Kuo Chuan lifestyles, was an exhibition held at Little Red Dots' newly acquired office and work space in Katong in July 2006. The exhibiton featured work by artists and designers all of whom were living and working on the same street.

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History of Kuo Chuan Avenue
Artists in the exhibtion
Images from the show
Images from the opening night party

Little Red Dots (LRD) moved to 10 Kuo Chuan Avenue in January 2006. The idea for the space from the outset was to create a live/work space, which could also function as an showroom for LRD's work and a gallery/exhibtion space: LRD designed and built most of the furniture and lighting in the space using discarded and re-appropriated objects and materials.

Having discovered that there were many other artists and designers living on the street, LRD decided that the first exhibition should include and represent this free-form community. The title Kuo Chuan lifestyles was suggested and immediately adopted. ShowHaus Projects incorporating ShowHaus Gallery was conceived around the same time.

History of Kuo Chuan Avenue
The houses on Kuo Chuan Avenue were built around the 1920's by Lee Kong Chian. Lee Kong Chian, a philanthropist and educator, owned a rubber company; the bungalows were for employees of that company. Lee Kong Chian also founded the Lee Foundation.

Behind Kuo Chuan Avenue, bordering Still Road, are the remains of the Grand Hotel. This was orginally a villa owned by Lee Kong Chian's father Lee Kuo Chuan, from which the street took it's name. The hotel, which used to stand next to the sea before the land was reclaimed, was split in half by Still Road when the area was developed in the mid '70's. Both remaining parts of the hotel, which have been derelict for many years, can still be see on either side of Still Road.

Kuo Chuan Avenue and the land on which the hotel stands have been earmarked for development for several years. Tenants are on short leases as a result. Whilst this is good in terms of low rents it also means that it is difficult to make plans to far ahead. When LRD discovered Kuo Chuan Avenue in November 2004, the street was less than half occupied. In the12 months since then all the units have been let and there is now a waiting list.

Artists in the exhibition
For details about each artist and images of their work in the show please click on their name.

B. Jane Cowie - glass
Chris Yap - photography
Nathaniel Walters - mixed media
Lim Meng Kuang - ceramics
James Speck - 3D animation
Mark Kaufmann - mixed media
Clara Koh - mixed media
Song Yue - photography, painting
Bryan Smith - photography
Nick Charnley - mixed media