Singapore Design Festival 2007 - My Universal Home

Produced by Little Red Dots, My Universal Home was a conceptual space created by Singapore based Belgian designer and artist Anita Nevens in collaboration with artist Noriko Suzuki-Bosco.

For the 2007 Singapore Design Festival, internationally acclaimed artist/designer Anita Nevens designed and curated an exhibition/installation of unprecedented proportions in the Old City Hall building central lobby. The structure - a large, red wood frame evocative of a house - filled the grandiose, colonial atrium. My Universal Home reflected the increasing necessity of changes in the idea of 'home' due to the growing trends in nomadic and cross-border living.

Visitors not only explored a carefully selected collection of works by international and local artists/designers dealing with issues of home (many commissioned by Nevens exclusively for M.U.H.), but were able to read the artist's own words in a specially compiled book included in the 'home.'

Unlike conventional exhibitions, My Universal Home invited the public to experience a living environment with furniture, design, art, video, interactive events and performance. It also offered a unique space to read, relax, discover, experience, reflect and exchange ideas. As Nevens describes it herself, "Through exploring the boundaries of design, art, architecture and performing arts, crossing disciplines and cultures, the project "My Universal Home" represents our mental world and reflects on the evolving definition of 'home' as it adapts to accommodate the differing cultures we live in and with."

The project Universal House was first launched by Giovanna Massoni, Design Lab researcher at Addict Creative Lab, an international multi-disciplinary network based in Brussels, as an open call for ideas and served as a starting point for the My Universal Home project. Addict Inspiration Books and other relating projects will be included in the exhibition as part of our ideology of open-source inspiration.